99 Tools to Help You Generate Leads with Social Media

More and more businesses are using social media marketing to get leads and turn those leads into sales. All it takes is a good strategy, excellent implementation and tools to help you manage and monitor your campaigns.

In the new eBook 99 Tools to Help You Generate Leads with Social Media, Jamie Turner and 60 Second Marketer have collected those tools that can help you manage, create and monitor your social marketing efforts.

Whether you are just launching your social marketing or are at the stage where you are optimizing your efforts, this ebook will give you tools to help you:

    • Manage multiple social media channels
    • Create and integrate content
    • Monitor qualitative social media (Sentiment Monitoring)
    • Monitor quantitative social media (Tracking and Analytics)

With 99 tools to choose from there’s bound to be at least a few that can help you better manage and monitor your social marketing.