Trade Show Exhibit Displays: Dentsplay

trade show booth: premium branding

Premium Branding Lures Prospects

Knowing that even a dominant player needs to make a strong impression when entering a new market, two merged divisions of Dentsply International upgraded to a brand-building 40'-by-50' custom modular exhibit.
"Having a premium brand image at major dental shows helped us draw some of the leading doctors in our industry. We consider that a huge success," says Sharon Price, Marketing Communications Group Manager. "We stood toe to toe with the dental-implant market leaders because of the presence we conveyed with that booth."
"We needed something fresh and modern," Price says. "It also needed openness and comfort to invite doctors in for conversations. Skyline developed an aesthetic and functional design that met those needs."
Dentsply rented the main structures and purchased the fabric graphics and workstations. Over time, Price plans to buy more of the durable, lightweight framework because it slashes shipping costs, and reconfigures in a variety of layouts.