Trade Display: David C. Cook

show display: david cook

Lofty Graphics Raise Publisher's Profile

An exhibit with visual mass worked wonders for a 130-year-old Christian publishing company trying to establish a new identity.

Overhead graphics outlining the island at heights of 16' to 21' helped David C. Cook launch the rebranding at its biggest show of the year and earn best-in-show honors in the large booth category.

"Expectations were fairly high to get the wow factor," says Jan Maniatis, the company's Trade Show Manager. "Skyline really made it all come together."

"Everyone said how much fun it was to be around the booth," Maniatis says. "At the same time, we needed to serve all those doing business at our booth."

Maniatis appreciated that Skyline anticipated many needs and demonstrated a commitment to do things right.

"They were always looking for ways to do things better, cleaner, faster," she says. "In 28 years of exhibiting for a number of companies, this was the best booth and trade show experience I've ever had."