Modern Island Booth Design: Polaroid

Polariod lounge
Polaroid Booth CES


Light, Sound, Theatrics, Motion all Converge to Form An Experiential Extravaganza

Polaroid booth for CES 2011 88x80 - An experential enchantment incorporating weathered barn board, video projection screens, lit pixel stage, grey pixelated carpet tile floor, rigged moon glam Grey Label Lounge for Lady Gaga.

Polaroid is a phenomenal story when the four puruṣārtha works in conjunction to form a mind numbing experience.


LAS VEGAS (February, 2011) -- The inventor of instant photography found instant success at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with a visually stunning custom exhibit from Skyline Exhibits. The sprawling 80'-by-90' exhibit provided a platform to launch a line of new Polaroid Grey Label products co-designed with pop diva Lady Gaga, who doubles as Polaroid's creative director.

"The new booth definitely made a statement that we have a new creative vision for the company," says Jon Pollock, Polaroid's senior vice president. "The combination of our new products, Lady Gaga and the booth were the perfect storm in a good way."

As a result, Polaroid was a popular destination in the Las Vegas Convention Center's central hall and generated nearly 1.7 billion media impressions from the show, up from 750 million in 2010.

Skyline had designed large exhibits for Polaroid's space at CES the past five years. Following a competitive process, Polaroid chose Skyline for an ambitious, new custom exhibit with an aggressive deadline.

"We were impressed with Skyline's creativity in designing a booth with out-of-the-box thinking," Pollock says. "The creative team did a really good job of taking our requirements and expressing them in a design with a lot of the Polaroid personality."

Skyline designed a bold exhibit showing that the Polaroid instant experience spans the digital and physical worlds with simplicity, creativity, sharing and authenticity. Large video screens and countless graphics captured fun Polaroid moments while other elements evoked surprise, intrigue and familiarity. The layout provided dramatic views from multiple angles and created a flow of people throughout the booth.

Design elements included:

• Two ribbon-screen projections. Bright images flowed across a pair of ribbons - each with five large flat screens - that step up and over and across to the Polaroid name and logo mounted on weathered barn wood lit to emphasize the grain and saw marks. "The ability to change the overall look and feel through video means we can create a new look and feel every year," Pollock says.

• Uplit stage. Lady Gaga unveiled the new Polaroid Grey Label line of products from the raised stage and its illuminated pixel-logo floor, drawing crowds that overflowed into other exhibits. Professional photographers gave presentations on using Polaroid instant cameras as an artistic medium.

• Three Polaroid Classic Border screens. Jumbo rear-projection screens, framed by the familiar photo border, gave a close-up view of Lady Gaga's hands-on demonstration and examples of photographers' self-expression.

• Polaroid Grey Label lounge. Skyline designed an imaginative structure that seemingly sprouted within the exhibit but was actually suspended from the ceiling. The mirrored exterior led curious attendees to Polaroid. Inside, select guests mingled with Lady Gaga and enjoyed quiet conversations.

After making a big splash at a major show, Pollock says Polaroid made the right choice to continue working with the same exhibit company for a sixth year: "What set Skyline apart is the ability to work on tight deadlines and the ability to be creative. The team jumped at every opportunity to come up with creative solutions."