Unique Booth Design: Emdeon


Healthy Dose of Brand awareness!

In the wake of multiple name changes through mergers and acquisitions, Emdeon Business Services was a leading provider of healthcare information technology and a leading sufferer of retention deficit disorder - the inability of prospects to remember the current company name.

Now following a strict regimen of brand awareness, including large doses of exhibiting, Emdeon showed signs of a speedy recovery with a brand-building 40'-by-50' island at its biggest trade show of the year.

"We rocked! We had a large presence, a good location and a fresh-looking booth," says Tommy Lewis, the company's Vice President of Marketing.

Skyline designed the exhibit to turn heads and to reinforce Emdeon's brand identity. A rotating fabric structure drew attention to the logo, while other signage called to targeted markets.

New graphic skins for the company's 15 to 20 Skyline pop-up displays will promote the brand at state and local shows.