Exhibit Design: Unitron Hearing

Trade show design: Unitron

Unitron Hearing, 2010 and 2008

Unitron Hearing: When Less Is More
Unitron Hearing US drew crowds at a major hearing-professionals show with an exhibit that combined low clutter and high visibility.
Company officials craved the open layout of exhibits common at European trade shows, but they didn't want to lose graphic space to promote their brand and digital hearing products.
"Skyline delivered on a difficult challenge," says Brian Kinnerk, president of Unitron Hearing US. "Someone three aisles away could see our big logo 20 feet up, and the openness at eye level made it more inviting to the casual passerby."
With a rebranding on the horizon, the company chose to rent the entire structure and purchase the fabric graphics. "We could use the exhibit again without looking stale just by adding new graphics," Kinnerk says.
A Skyline client for 14 years, Unitron has purchased multiple Skyline exhibits. "Skyline has always been a good partner for us," Kinnerk says. "We tap in their expertise, and they help us get the best bang for the buck."