Rollercoaster Fun Booth: ADV Films

ADV Films: Fun Booth with Rollercoaster Ride

ADV Films: Anime Fans Flock to Joy Ride

For Anime Expo, ADV Films turned heads with a large island exhibit. "It looks like a fun booth - like a big rollercoaster ride. A fun, interactive booth is instrumental in attracting fans at these conventions," says Emily McCoy, event coordinator for ADV Films, North America's largest producer-distributor of Japanese animation.

At other shows during the year, the company will adopt an entirely different appearance. "We prefer a professional, corporate look that allows for semi-private meeting areas," she says.

"We never want to be married to a booth," McCoy says. "We want different looks, and we need new graphics every year for the new titles. By renting displays from Skyline, we've been able to have a totally different exhibit at Anime Expo each of the past four years."

Skyline's exhibits help the company save money on shipping, a fact that plays into the strategy to go bigger and bolder at shows.

"We wanted to make sure it was a booth that above all identified the ADV brand and that boldly advertised our big shows," she says. "Skyline's design accomplished what we set out to do."