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The arc of a circle and the Law of Least Effort, {commonly known as "do less and accomplish more"} brought into existence I-phones, I-pads and I-macs. The brilliance of a company called Apple, prompted them not to start from scratch but to take an existing product and elevate it to to a new dimension. Overnight, technology emerged in the lifestyle industry as "got to have it." A cult was born. Thank you Mr. Steve Jobs.

At Skyline, we were inspired by this craze. We created Envoy. We took a design concept and found an application that speaks to our core business. This is one strong concrete example of Spontaneous Brainstorming at work.

Spontaneous Brainstorming: Envoy

Please feel free to download the Envoy Idea Book. Envoy will change the game in the custom modular tradeshow industry and we thank Apple for that.