Trade Show Exhibit Stand: 100 ways to be inspired!

100 ways to be inspired

1/100 Rise above negative thoughts by consciously choosing positive thoughts
2/100 Rise above imagined bad weather by removing the label “bad”
3/100 Rise above failure by realising failure isn’t final – try again, try it in a different way.
4/100 Rise above good & bad labels by dropping labels 
5/100 Rise above problems by seeking solutions
6/100 Rise above interesting to meaningful
7/100 Rise above every day analysis to solution finding and sharing
8/100 Rise above your past & embrace the present
9/100 Rise above criticism and extract the good from any feedback
10/100 Rise above mistakes & cherish the journey
11/100 Rise above a can’t, drop the “t” and explore a can
12/100 Rise above individual expectations to common goals & unity
13/100 Rise above excess & explore to do with less
14/100 Rise above being trapped in thought & free your mind
15/100 Rise above sense fulfilment & explore your senses to the full
16/100 Rise above outer thrills & seek inner calm
17/100 Rise above “if only”, cherish “as is” & create “what if”
18/100 Rise above negative self-talk & practice positive inner dialogue
19/100 Rise above a noisy mind & sense the gaps
20/100 Rise above hearing & actually listen
21/100 Rise above anger and seek solutions
22/100 Rise above “should” and experiment with “could”
23/100 Rise above blaming & start aiming
24/100 Rise above the need of certainty & embrace uncertainty
25/100 Rise above reactivity & unlock your creativity
26/100 Rise above complexity & incorporate simplicity
27/100 Rise above time bound & consider the timeless
28/100 Rise above homogeneity & embrace diversity
29/100 Rise above imperfections & accept individuality & uniqueness
30/100 Rise above approval seeking, and be you – THE REAL YOU
31/100 Rise above hypotheses to workable and practical
32/100 Rise above “What can I get?” to consider “What can I give?”
33/100 Rise above rushing & embrace the moment fully
34/100 Rise above delivery & exceed expectations
35/100 Rise above comfort to gratitude
36/100 Rise above the known & journey to the unknown
37/100 Rise above impermanence & embrace & celebrate every day
38/100 Rise above material possessions & enjoy health, value, love and REAL MEANING
39/100 Rise above quantity & appreciate quality
40/100 Rise above rigid & fixed to flexibility, versatility & finesse
41/100 Rise above jargon & create user-friendly, transparent & direct interaction
42/100 Rise above efficient to exceptional
43/100 Rise above pleasure seeking to pleasure giving
44/100 Rise above vision to provision
45/100 Rise above reckoning to reasoning
46/100 Rise above insightful to delightful
47/100 Rise above one tracked to multi-dimensional
48/100 Rise above short-term satisfaction to long-term contentment
49/100 Rise above brilliant to outstanding
50/100 Rise above the ordinary & reach for the extraordinary
51/100 Rise above the picture & the thousand words to float and dream in space
52/100 Rise above the walls & move beyond the boundaries
53/100 Rise above the year & consider 100 years from now
54/100 Rise above tightness & sense the freedom of letting go
55/100 Rise above the commotion & pause
56/100 Rise above ground level and soar in the open skies
57/100 Rise above other-investigation to self-investigation
58/100 Rise above logic to imagination
59/100 Rise above finality to flexibility
60/100 Rise above destination to journey
61/100 Rise above yesterday to today
62/100 Rise above specialness to uniqueness
63/100 Rise above words to the wordless
64/100 Rise above frustration with creation
65/100 Rise above needing to helping
66/100 Rise above “Why?” to “Why ask why?”
67/100 Rise above imperfect to I’m perfect
68/100 Rise above yardsticks & create a new measure
69/100 Rise above repetition to expedition
70/100 Rise above doubt by recognizing doubt is thought
71/100 Rise above bad habits by replacing with good habits
72/100 Rise above discounts to enhancements
73/100 Rise above short-lived to legacy
74/100 Rise above the muddle & restart from clarity
75/100 Rise above rules & consider new options
76/100 Rise above small problems by considering the vastness of the universe
77/100 Rise above differences to embrace similarities
78/100 Rise above temporary imbalance to celebrate harmony
79/100 Rise above scepticism & bath in potential
80/100 Rise above problem seeing to problem solving
81/100 Rise above illusion & permit yourself to dream
82/100 Rise above disbelief & entertain wonderment
83/100 Rise above knowing & embrace new learning
84/100 Rise above seriousness & entertain a fantasy
85/100 Rise above the commonplace to the rare
86/100 Rise above the already learned & welcome curiosity
87/100 Rise above winning & enjoy taking part
88/100 Rise above insults & focus on the millions of good things
89/100 Rise above certainty & explore fascination
90/100 Rise above what you can’t do & focus on what you can do
91/100 Rise above need to choice
92/100 Rise above longstanding rules & invent new rules
93/100 Rise above the drama of the moment to a year from now
94/100 Rise above imagined superiority of humans & embrace the planet
95/100 Rise above conditional love to unconditional love
96/100 Rise above what’s wrong & focus on what’s right
97/100 Rise above the planet & contemplate the universe
98/100 Rise above walls of confinement to the potential of infinity
99/100 Rise above what you think & explore what you feel
100/100 Rise above for an aerial view