Trade show ideas: Nature's Path

trade show ideas: nature's path

'Renewable' Exhibit Reflects Values

Going to trade shows with a "super heavy" custom exhibit never felt right to Maria Emmer-Aanes, Director of Marketing for Nature's Path Organic Foods.

"I'd been frustrated for years," she says. "When you're making organic foods, you have an obligation to be environmentally sustainable. Our exhibit was out of step with who we are."

After contacting eight exhibit companies, Nature's Path bought a custom modular exhibit from Skyline.

"We did our homework," Emmer-Aanes says. "We wanted the lightest footprint possible, and we now have an exhibit that is renewable and recyclable. And it looks absolutely fantastic."

Skyline's lightweight exhibit systems pack into compact containers for fuel-efficient transporting, can be reconfigured into numerous layouts down to 10' by 20', provide a new look by replacing fabric graphics, and the steel and aluminum exhibit frame can be recycled.

"Now we're more in line with who we say we are," Emmer-Aanes says.