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Trade show Graphics: Cocalo

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Sheer Graphics Demand a Peek

More than two dozen, 8-foot-high baby photos made it impossible to resist a peek inside. Exactly the desired effect for the new 20'-by-100' CoCaLo, Inc. exhibit.

Black-and-white infant photos and color panels outlined the perimeter. For a hint of intrigue, Skyline Exhibits printed them all on sheer fabric, tempting attendees to peer beyond - into a showroom of coordinated baby's room settings.

"The exhibit was absolutely fabulous," says Elina Rodina, marketing manager for CoCaLo, a manufacturer and distributor of infant bedding and nursery accessories. "Skyline took us to the next level."

CoCaLo purchased the exhibit knowing that the company can maintain the same look in different sizes and configurations, save money on shipping and labor with the lightweight, easy-to-assemble components, and adopt a new look just by replacing the fabric panels.

"That's why it's a good investment," Rodina says.