Trade show exhibit booths: Solo

portable display

Nothing Ordinary About Inline

To stand out in endless rows of inline exhibits, Solo Cup Company rented a custom modular exhibit that's long on brand identity. The exhibit stretched 50 linear feet, but multiple curved and angled sections created an even stronger presence.

"The exhibit worked out great," says Steve Sherman, manager of Customer Marketing West. "We wanted to make sure people knew we were there, and Skyline came up with a design that really pops out. It's not flat against a wall."

Solo Cup rented the exhibit's framework and purchased product and lifestyle graphics to illustrate a broad range of innovative products that meet customer needs.

"We reached more people and were able to service prospects better with one-on-one conversations," Sherman says. "Showing our products attracted more attention to those specific products."

The exhibit's flexibility has allowed the company to use other inline configurations, such as 10' by 20' and 10' by 30', at subsequent shows and to add graphics for new products.