Show Display: Ortronics

Show display: ortronics

Why Switch?

Why did Ortronics/Legrand replace a traditional custom exhibit with a 20’-by-30’ custom modular exhibit? Laura Fradette, the company’s marketing communications manager, gives four reasons:

Distinctive design. Fradette wanted to escape the sameness of the competition’s exhibits, and Skyline produced “an innovative design that stood out from other trade show exhibits I have seen.” Skyline's design team worked with Anthony Giordano, Ortronics/Legrand's senior graphic designer, to produce graphics that would further enhance the design.

More bang for the buck. “The new exhibit gave us a huge presence and great results,” Fradette says. Compared to the traditional custom exhibit, it has triple the square footage and an additional 6 feet in height. But because it weighs about the same and packs into fewer crates, Fradette says, the lightweight modular exhibit is “reducing costs for shipping, drayage and storage.”

Versatility. The modular components can be reconfigured to fit spaces down to 10’ by 10’. The ability to replace graphics allows the company to update messaging and stretch the budget by sharing the exhibit – and costs – with other Legrand subsidiaries.“We can use the same booth in a number of ways versus having multiple booths,” Fradette says.

Rapid response. Skyline went from winning the business to setting up in Las Vegas in under three months. “The support from the Skyline team was outstanding,” Fradette says. “Extremely quick turnaround was required for every element of the booth production, and Skyline did not miss a beat.”