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Tradeshow Booth Design

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What Happened in the Happiest Place?


Skyline Exhibits Wins Buyers Choice Award for New WindScape® Exhibit System. And, Skyline was also honored for its exhibit design in EXHIBITOR Magazine's first annual Portable/Modular Awards.

Read the press release below.

LAS VEGAS (March, 2014) -- Skyline Exhibits, designer and producer of trade show exhibits, graphics and services, was honored with a Buyers Choice Award, which recognizes the best new products at EXHIBITOR Show, the biggest event in the trade show industry. The winning entry was Skyline's revolutionary new product, the air-powered WindScape® Exhibit System.

To qualify for the New Product Showcase and inclusion in the Buyers Choice Award, exhibitors' product must meet several criteria including market availability, product introduction dates and exclusive introduction at EXHIBITOR2014.

Skyline wins Buyers Choice at Exhibitor 2014The Buyers Choice Award winners are determined based on four judging criteria: design innovation, broad-based applications, addressing an industry need or issue, and does it enhance the job of the exhibit marketing professional. A panel of judges, including Certified Trade Show Marketer (CTSM) graduates, selected the winners.

"Given our three years of development of a system that solved so many exhibitor pain points all in one product, we hoped that we would have a fair shot at winning the award," stated Jon Althoff, Senior Director Global Marketing, Skyline Exhibits. "Our crack exhibit staff was continuously demonstrating WindScape in our booth and based on attendee reactions - and exceptionally large lead count - we knew this product was a hit."

Windscape wins Buyers Choice Award

Proven Inflatable Technology
Skyline developed WindScape from technology proven durable in sporting and military applications. WindScape consists of an inflatable frame and pre-installed fabric graphic. Advantages include time and ease of set up along with extremely small packing. "A full 10-foot display goes from case to exhibit ready in less than seven minutes with the single push of a button," stated Sofia Troutman, Segment Manager, Skyline Exhibits. "And it's so compact the entire display along with inflation kit packs in a small carry-on case."

Skyline currently has 46 standard shapes ranging in size from a tabletop display to full conference rooms, 16' tall towers and massive hanging structures. The ability to create custom shapes is also available.

Milken wins Exhibitor Design Award

Exhibit Design Award
Skyline was also honored for its exhibit design in EXHIBITOR Magazine's first annual Portable/Modular Awards. Skyline's design for client Milliken & Company won the Best Island Exhibit Over 600 Square Feet category. The exhibit featured another of Skyline's recently released products, the backlit PictureCube® Exhibit System.

We take this opportunity to thank all our clients, propects and our very own Skyline to team to make this possible!

Thank you all.

Sarmistha Tarafder
Co-creator of brands in 3D spaces.
In pursuit of essence and enchantment, mind and mystery, myth and matter!

How To Design Your Trade Show Exhibit For The Right Audience


As Seth Godin puts it, most ramen is pretty good. So is most pizza. But people don't come and visit you at trade shows/events for 'pretty good'. If you want the right people to pay you a visit and engage with you in a meaningful fashion being 'pretty good' does not cut it.

"Pretty good is a choice. It works, often. But it does not change anything"

design principles for trade shows

So if you are exhibiting at trade shows with a booth that lacks the luster of your brand impression or the creative clutch of your marketing message, chances very high that you will not be remembered by your visitors. So the age old dictum "if it aint broken, don't fix it" tarnishes in the face of the new dictum of our times: “If it aint broke, break it. Then build something better.”

Trade show is the final destination of your marketing campaigns. Play offensive. "Don't just buy space and expect miracles because that's like Russian roulette," says trade show coach Susan Friedmann. "Maybe you win, maybe you won't. It's an expensive exercise just to find out it doesn't work." So define your purpose of going to trade shows. It could be brand awareness, lead gathering, checking up on your competition, or something as phenomenal as a product launch. The key is to "Define who you want to come to your exhibit and target them specifically." Once you have defined your audience, now you write down the functional needs that you want your exhibit to achieve. Once the function is taken care of, now you work on the form. How do you do that? The answer:

"Know what your customers want most and what your company does best. Focus on where those two meet." Create an experience around this focal point. When Nestle, decided to exhibit at FNCE, San Diego, their goal was two folds. One, extend awareness of their individual brands, an two, being recognized as the leader in nutritious products. Nestle achieved it successfully by creating an amazing open house in booth 929 to celebrate "Good Food, Good Life."

Granted, all brands do not command the same distinction as Nestle. Nor, all booth requirements are as elaborate. Regardless, the size of your booth if you follow certain design principles you are bound to have an attractive space that will enrich the experience of your target audience.


Our eyes crave for contrast. It is a key factor in holding our attention. Our brain is stimulated by differences: in color, scale, shape, texture and so on. Because, contrast creates a tension it lends a dynamic quality to your space. Each element in your space; be it graphic, text or interactive, has a job to do and each is a piece of the overall message. Hence, wiith creative uses of contrast, you can influence user choices and compel specific actions.
Learn more: Download the visual hand book


“The ear tends to be lazy, craves the familiar, and is shocked by the unexpected: the eye, on the other hand, tends to be impatient, craves the novel and is bored by repetition.” However having said that, if done skillfully repetition is the underlying force that lends unity to your design. If done right, "it's like a little echo, like waves, poetry itself: At s sub-conscious level repetition is the key to persuasion. Repetition creates a pattern, which gradually grabs our attention and then creates the yearning for familiarity.
Learn more: Download the visual hand book


Alignment connects all the element in your design. It provides visual continuity. All the constituents in your space should have a purpose for their existence. The most empowering condition is achieved when your brand purpose is in perfect alignment with the design of your exhibit. Learn more: Download the visual hand book


Modern neuroscience says: "The brain is fundamentally a lazy piece of meat. It doesn't want to waste energy." In a chaotic environment like trade shows brain appreciates the order that you foster in your space. You do this via proximity. You present ingredients of your design in small groupings that provides organization and calls for optimization of your space.
Learn more: Download the visual hand book

Use of White Space

White space or negative space is not necessarily white. It is simply the expanse in your design that doesnot uphold any graphic, text or media. It is white space that sets the mood of your exhibit and transcends it into an elegant environment. For a lack of better words, you might just say that white space is the much needed oxygen for your exhibit design.
Learn more: Download the visual hand book

Directing Attention

Being able to direct your viewers' attention is one of the staying powers of effective design, spcially in a marketing landscape littered with mammoth media distractions. “The most basic way to get someone's attention is this: Break a pattern." You can achieve this by light, contrast scale and much more. Learn more: Download the visual hand book

Now, that are familiar with the highlighlights of the design principles, go ahead start you next project with your target audience in mind. Remember, you might have marvelous marketing ideas but if it doesnot resonate with you target audience, it pretty much a failed exercise.

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Sarmistha Tarafder
Co-creator of brands in 3D spaces.
In pursuit of essence and enchantment, mind and mystery, myth and matter!

Like Us. The 900 Dollar Idea!


LIKE US resized 600

"Our consumer culture is fed by an increasingly sophisticated advertising industry that likes you, friends you, follows you, adds a plus to your life and then turns up the volume on your inadequacies. It feels like we are exchanging real relationships with real people for fake relationships with corporations."

As we are going through radical changes and the respect for traditional voices of authority are dwindling, so is our faith in brands are experiencing colossal erosion. Of course, this is backed by some hard data from Havas Media that conducted a series of international surveys, in which 134,000 consumers in 23 countries were asked what they thought of 700 brands. Get this, a majority of those taking part in the survey did not care if 73% of those brands simply disappeared overnight. In Europe and America, the number hikes up to 92%. In Asia and Latin America as the the crave for consumerism grows so does the bond for brands. Though, brand lustre still pulls some weight in this region, Havas study shows people are nonetheless skeptical.

To combat this massive skepticism, big brands are launching big ads that are sometimes peppered with humor (in case you were wondering what's up with those chirpy talking animals) and at other times they are armed with brutal honesty. A great example is Domino's Pizza. “We wanted people to reconsider this brand, but what’s the messaging that will get them to reconsider it?” The right messaging, it turned out, was the unbridled truth. Domino’s launched a series of advertisements that featured Domino’s customers decrying the old, and employees—including executives like Doyle—admitting that changes needed to be made. Other brands are finding enduring ways to have ordinary folks endorse their products. If you guessed Coke, you are right on the money. Their very popular 'giving machines' surprises the consumer with sweet delights along with free soft drinks.

As brands are constantly striving to find new ways to seduce and sustain customer interests, many companies are foregoing the conventional ad campaigns and meeting customers offline to build online links and make new 'friends'. Yes, exhibiting at trade shows is what they are doing.

Why? Because if you are an idea marketer vying for the staying power of your brand then events and trade shows are your play fields. Just imagine, the amount of content that you get to leverage based on a single event. As Seth Godin puts it: "The real win is to generate true buzz... people talking about you and what you do."

That is the $900 idea.

In past, Chevron Lubricants had focused on load generation and sales as the primary reason to exhibit at trade shows. All that changed in 2013 when the company wanted to zero in on brand awareness and product promotion for its newest lubricant Delo 400 XLE. The whole marketing hinged on one key benefit. What will you do with $900 in savings per truck? The key point to be noted here–it was not about Chevron and their product; it was about the attendees–their dreams, their hopes and their desires.

Chevron asked the attendees to articulate their $900 thought on the white boards, after which they received branded T-shirts and those spotted wearing the T-shirts at the show received $25 gift cards. The thought bubble activity not only increased the dwell time and the brand awareness, it created a brand buzz that complimented tons of user generated instagram content. Of course, the pre-show e-blasts, door clings, registration area signage, and charging station meant that the attendees saw the Chevron's messaging several times before stepping onto the show floor. That means they were being sub-consciously primed for the $900 bubble experience even before they entered the show hall.
Read the full story.

The Chevron story, had all the elements of a memorable brand indulgence. Engage, Delight, Surprise all aspects of stimulating interaction were there. If we go by the numbers, it was a trade show success story: Qualified leads that opted in for a discussion about Delo topped out at 238, exceeding pre-show goals by 19 percent, and the number of attendees that participated in other in-booth activities, were 44 percent more than in 2012.

But the question to ask here,"was it a meaningful brand experience? It was great that I was an active participant, but how does it better my community?"

Being a Meaningful Brand is not only good for your market and the community at large, it’s also good for your bottom line. In addition to outperforming their competitors, the top 20% of brands (in the Meaningful Brands Index) also dramatically outperformed the stock market by 120% in 2013. "These are financial advantages that are durable, sustainable and disruptive." 

In today's relationship economy people's expectations are changing. In fact, Havas data clearly demonstrates that people really care that these brands exist to make significant contribution to their lives and communities, not necessarily because of how many units of “stuff” they get from the brand. Watch this Havas video to see why "Corporations that build real relationships between people who discover a common connection through their product will thrive in a healthy way."

The foundational idea that ignited the art of human organization in the first place just might have been eudaimonia — and today’s opulence is just its clumsy, hurried streetside caricature, empty of depth, shorn of meaning, bereft of the essence of what make us human, void of the hunger to create a better world for humanity. Somewhere along the way, sometime on the journey — perhaps for the best of reasons — we lost it. Let’s get it back. 

Let's start making meaningful brands. The 'Likes' are bound to follow!

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Engaging in the Age of Enlightenment!

Sarmistha Tarafder
Co-creator of brands in 3D spaces.
In pursuit of essence and enchantment, mind and mystery, myth and matter!

Immersive Technology That Thrives at Trade Shows



"Technology is a gift of God. After the gift of life it is perhaps the greatest of God's gifts. It is the mother of civilizations, of arts and of sciences." Freeman Dyson

For many thousands of years the progress of humanity was painfully slow and very gradual. Perhaps the only spike in the human social growth curve was during the Hellenistic period when Greek culture gained global prominence leading to exploration of arts, literature, theatre, architecture, music, mathematics, philosophy, and science. At that growth curve gained some momentum experiencing progress and properity. But about 200 years ago something profound happened. Yes, you guessed it right! The Industral Revolution created a massive hike in the growth curve forcing the curve to shoot up almost ninety degrees. The growth has been phenomenal. And, it has not stopped ever since!

The Coming of The Second Machine Age

In their book, The Second Machine Age, MIT professors Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee, talks about the disruptions that will be brought on by new technologies. They talk about two economic consequences as a result of this exponential progress. Bounty and Spread. Bounty is the increase in volume, variety, and quality and the decrease in cost of the many offerings brought on by modern technological progress. It’s the best economic news in the world today. Spread, however, is not so great; it’s ever-bigger differences among people in economic success—in wealth, income, mobility, and other important measures. However, they do not hang us loose. They do give us the solutions as to how to "maximize the bounty while mitigating the negative effects of the spread." The book is a phenomenal read. You will come away armed with the insight of dealing with digital encroachment and celebrate the opprtunities that it brings with it.

Now speaking of technological bounty at trade shows, here are are a couple of examples that shows the demanding diversity of our digital age!

Navistar Inc. had one goal in mind when exhibiting at the 2012 Mid-America Trucking Show. How to demonstrate the different ways that its new Loadstar truck could service customers from different industries. For starters a theater was built inside 98,000-square-foot booth space that could seat 1,100 people. Inside this arena, wrapped with a white matte material, and hoisted by a crane and positioned onstage in front of a curved, 92-foot-long, 15-foot-high screen, Navistar's new 22-foot-long, 18,000-pound Loadstar truck made its grand debut.  A total of 30 presentations were given over the course of the three-day trade show, and during each "reveal" booth visitors watched as the shrouded truck functioned as a blank canvas onto which a total of 14 projectors mapped varying truck exteriors. For example, the exterior of an aircraft refueler was projected onto the Loadstar while the cinema-sized screen behind the truck flashed images of a bustling airport. One single Loadstar vehicle was reincarnated into many ways giving trade show attendees priceless insight into the several possible uses for Navistar's newest vehicle.

At CES Las Vegas, Motorola Mobility in its 80-by-110-foot booth space, draped a multimedia curtain in a semicircle around an interactive product showcase and projected a barrage of images upon it. The 160-foot-long, 19-foot-tall curtain comprised 3,800 translucent tubes, through which attendees could pass. From inside the semicircle, visitors watched an ever-changing light fair of videos, clips from Motorola TV commercials, brand messaging, and product animations as the footage flashed across the plastic tubes. The images were cast from seven different 22,000-lumen-powered projectors, which were suspended 22 feet in the air and 36 feet from the curtain. This ongoing brand immersion was a spectacular performance that sure enchanted the trade show attendees.

You must be wondering, "Yes, all sounds good but I do not have the big production budget. How do I get to participate in this technological bounty?" Remember, the MIT professors define bounty as the increase in volume, variety, and quality and the decrease in cost of the many offerings brought on by modern technological progress. Yes, technology has given you a variety of options. At Skyline, amongst the various systems that we manufacture, Design View is one variety of projection screen that might impress you. It caters to small budget with big impact. Check it out and give us your feedback.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Arthur C. Clarke

We are living in magical times.

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Sarmistha Tarafder
Co-creator of brands in 3D spaces.
In pursuit of essence and enchantment, mind and mystery, myth and matter!

What Drives Customer Decisions?


what drives customer decision

Every day, we are bombarded by numberless brand impressions.

Advertisements, news reports, white papers, vine videos, amusing presentations, philosophical abstracts: you name it they are all there. Now, compound that with conversations with family and friends, and product experiences . You get the picture.

But, unless we are actively shopping, much of that exposure appears wasted. Or, does it?

Neuroscience says NO.

Those accumulated impressions are crucial because they set the precedence of the initial consideration in the buying process. Because, "over time, emotions and their corresponding bodily changes become associated with particular chages and their past outcomes." Consciously or sub-consciously, we associate theses "somatic markers" as the basis for purchasing making decisions. Hence, these brands are worthy of consideration as potential purchasing options.

"Actually, the decision-making process is a more circular journey, with four primary phases representing potential battlegrounds where marketers can win or lose: initial consideration; active evaluation, or the process of researching potential purchases; closure, when consumers buy brands; and postpurchase, when consumers experience them."

So as brand marketers our job is to instill a feeling of strong brand awareness. How do we do so?

Research in neuroscience sugests that ease and convenience of locating a brand, as well as how it makes the user look-modern, popular fun, cool are important to people than they admit. And get this, many people say "cheapest" is most important to them, but findings show that this importance is overstated. Download PDF here.

At Skyline, we formly believe in creating high class, high lustre products that is bound to give you most bang for your buck. We employ powerful visuals to make our brand momentous. Here, is a great example as to how we have done so. It is doused in sensory anticipation and crammed with visual drama

By highlighting, this video I am using a marketing ploy called product placement. It is one of the many strategies that we, marketers undertake to drive home a point that we make. Showing off what our product can do is my humble way of planting the seeds of Skyline WindScape™.

"In the flattened new world that we now live in, it's the "Lonelyboy15" and "Brooke888" who make or break a product. A-listers et al report the news, they don't make it. Their blessings, for example, certainly didn't cause the success of Facebook or Twitter." Guy Kawasaki

Sarmistha Tarafder
Co-creator of brands in 3D spaces.
In pursuit of essence and enchantment, mind and mystery, myth and matter!

VIP Guest Pass for Exhibitor 2014!


Exhibitor 2014

As always, we bring you Free Exhibitor VIP Passes for Exhibitor 2014.

It is an opportunity for you to network with your peers and track the industry trends. Here is the link to the registration page:

Skyline's Special Promotion Code: 4206

Please visit us at booth #1423 at the EXHIBITOR2014 Exhibit Hall
Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas.
March 17 - March 19, from 11:30am to 3:30pm.

During EXHIBITOR 2014 we’ll demo 10 foot, 20 foot, and tabletops displays, plus a tower, a hanging sign, and a conference room. Here’s the demos schedule, so you can come see what shapes and sizes interest you most:

11:30 a.m. — Curved 10' Backwall

12:00 noon — Hanging Sign

12:30 p.m.  — Tabletop

1:00 p.m.  — Conference Room

1:30 p.m.  — Curved 10' Backwall

2:00 p.m.   — 20' Backwall

2:30 p.m.   — Curved 10' Backwall

3:00 p.m.   — Tower

Be sure to "Bring us your problems" and we will be happy to respond to it. And, while you are there watch WindScape demo, get a free t-shirt, and participate in the breakthrough that will dramatically help improve your trade shows!

Stay tuned for Skyline program updates.

Sarmistha Tarafder
Co-creator of brands in 3D spaces.
In pursuit of essence and enchantment, mind and mystery, myth and matter!

Skyline® Wins 2013 Event Design!


"Winner Winner! The 2013 Event Design Awards winners have been announced. The EDA’s recognize the best of the best among this industry’s change agents, and the award-winning projects reflect how the world’s best creative studios are reinventing experience design across all categories."

silver award winner

Skyline® was recognized as a 2013 Event Design Silver design winner for Best All-Modular Exhibit. This is very big news for several reasons:

1)  It's Skyline® WindScape’s™ first exhibit design award
2) It shows all that WindScape is a product that can deliver product winning designs in DIY AND SOLUTIONS

The award category description is: “Finally, systems-based exhibits get their own award category! Awarded to the best use of modular systems, systems-based exhibits used at trade shows and events. Note: We define an all-modular exhibit as a structure comprised of no less than 85% systems extrusion.”

Key point that demands attention here: Skyline® WindScape™, without any “system extrusion”, is a winner. It demonstrates how the unit is perceived as completely structural though it has the advantages of being air-powered, which of course contributes to efficient shipping and drayage

Event Design is affiliated with Event Marketer with a worldwide audience and is respected in the Industry. Event Design hosts a major conference every year.

Here are more views for you to relish!
Thank you Mario Huggler at ExpoFormer Skyline for his successful EMEX show and very very special thanks to designer Nikki Bloomfield from the Skyline Exhibit Design Team who worked tirelessly to develop the initial concept and final design.

Sarmistha Tarafder
Co-creator of brands in 3D spaces.
In pursuit of essence and enchantment, mind and mystery, myth and matter!

Start The Year With The Right Voice: Trade Show Marketing That Works!


Find your voice

According the the gregorian calendar, today is the third day of 2014. Like any other year there is an unusual emphasis on New Year's resolutions. The media landscape is inundate with features on this topic. I have come across some interesting facts. Get this: 25 percent of people abandon their New Year’s resolutions after one week.60 percent of people abandon them within six months. (The average person makes the same New Year’s resolution ten separate times without success.) Now it makes sense why I avoid the word resolution like a plague. Resolution simply does not work. But goals do. By definition goals are active. It gives clarity to the voice within you. Resolution is passive. It is an intention waiting for a plan...(my 2 cents here.)

Know want to exhibit at events and trade shows

The world is changing from "Buyers' Beware" to "Sellers' Beware". A massive change of hearts and mind from outbound to inbound. Exhibiting at tradeshows is a major outbound effort. It is a good chunk of your marketing dollars. Often, I hear clients saying we want more leads. That is a wrong mindset to have. If gathering leads is your only objective you might as well ditch the idea, because inbound marketing will definitely give you more bang for the buck. However, if you are an idea marketer vying for the staying power of your brand then events and trade shows are your play fields and here are some articles that might interest you.

Know Your Environment, Know the Players

Cannot emphasize this enough. Keep in in mind, each and every venue has its own distinctive DNA. For example the HIMMS Show is very different from the Consumer Electronics Show. It is a good idea to pay a visit to the venues before you exhibit. A recent CEIR report (MC41 – Effective Methods for Visitor Promotion, Part 1: Exhibition Organizers) makes an excellent case for channel organizers to maximize their reach. One channel few organizers use is to work within their venue or convention center to find and market to attendees.

Download this handy 5 step process to selecting the right trade show

Know Your Audience

“To make our communications more effective, we need to shift our thinking from "What information do I need to convey?" to "What questions do I want my audience to ask?”
― Chip Heath, Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die

Make every effort to understand your audience by conducting exhaustive research on them. Conduct online surveys or focus groups to get a better grasp on who they are and what they want. Know your audience like you know yourself. This knowledge will arm you to orchestrate your trade show production in a very comprehensive fashion.

Become Mobile Minded

As of February 2013, there were 6.8 billion mobile subscriptions, the International Telecommunication Union reported. If you have heard all the raves about Google Hummingbird, you know that you have to find ways to create mobile-first content highliting your event. It is not an option any more. 2014 is the year of smart phones and smart tablets. Consumers are using mobile devices to consume data, conduct transactions, research brands, visit their favorite sites, and read and reply to emails. It is about about time that you get on with the signs of times and optimizine your pre-show campaigns for mobile.  This free mobile marketing guide should help you get started.

Since 46% of your web users will be accessing your pre-show, at-show and post show events via mobile, your primary goal this year is to focus your energy in building a responsive website. This free guide about making your website resposive will be a phenomenal tool for you to have.

Accelerate Your Social and E-mail Strategies

While social sites are bound to pop up over the course of the New Year, take control of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Four Square - these are the undisputed kings of social (at least for the moment). Master these platforms that have proven to bring substantial ROI for marketers worldwide.

In conclusion, simply do not exhibit at trade shows if you have no social strategy in mind! Without fail, every single piece of outbound material, digital or otherwise should highlight the benefits of attending your outbound event.

2014 is your year to socialize your tradeshows that will reap unprecedented opportunities!

Sarmistha Tarafder
Co-creator of brands in 3D spaces.
In pursuit of essence and enchantment, mind and mystery, myth and matter!

Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful for you!


Loved this e-mail from Dave Kerpen.

The Entrepreneur's Gratitude:

I am grateful for my customers, who give me feedback to build a better company.
I am grateful for my prospects, who ask smart questions to make my sales team  get better.
I am grateful for my vendors and partners, who help our company do things we couldn't do well on our own.
I am grateful for my management team, who leads the company through good times and bad.
I am grateful for all of our employees, who work hard everyday to accomplish our mission.
I am grateful for our advisors and investors, who give me the guidance and cash necessary to grow.
I am grateful for the media, both the kind that still prints on paper and the kind that has has a lot of Twitter followers, for helping get the word out about what we do.
I am grateful for my fellow entrepreneurs, who teach me though their experiences and insights.
I am grateful for my friends, who understand the sacrifices I make with my time.
I am grateful for my family, who loves me and supports me unconditionally.
I am grateful for God, or whatever higher power exists, for guiding me on the right path.
I am grateful for YOU.

Today and everyday, I remind myself, "It is gratitude that enables us to receive and it is gratitude that motivates us to repay by returning the goodness that we have been given. In short, it is gratitude that enables us to be fully human." Robert Emmons from Thanks

Sarmistha Tarafder
Co-creator of brands in 3D spaces.
In pursuit of essence and enchantment, mind and mystery, myth and matter!

2014 Trends In Sight: Design Your Exhibit With This Insight!


 trends in sightWhile technology has provided convenience, flexibility, and global connectivity in our daily lives, it has also made us long for the warmth of more tactile experiences — things with a human touch. This creative research from Corbis Images suggest we’re recognizing the need to slow down and unplug, allowing time for low-tech activities, creative pursuits, and relationships.

We are living in a techno-centric era. Technology is firmly planted in our lives. As geography and time zones blurr giving access to 24/7 media, communication and entertainment – as global citizens we are tired, stressed out and chaotic than ever before. Technology is supposed to give us the opportunity to be creative and constructive. Instead, as a nation we suffer from massive ADD in the grips of imminent nervous breakdown. As a result, stress reduction has become a top priority.

This has given rise to a new concept.
JOMO (Joy of Missing Out)

One way that more people are finding respite from our increasingly fast-paced lives is by deliberately opting-out of emails, social media sites and other time-sucking daily distractions. Opposite of FOMO (Fear of missing out), it’s not just about disconnecting from technology, but about giving up the need to be in all places at all times by saying “No” to more commitments. ... As a trade show marketer think about how you can benefit from this trend. When designing visuals or media for your booth focus on, WHY [should your audience care?], HOW [will it make their life better?], WHAT [do they do next?]. A passive QR code is almost guaranteed not to work for you.

Visuals are Victorious in Energizing Engagement!

Powerful visuals make good business sense. It drives you take action. When Facebook introduced timeline for brands, visual content — photos and videos — saw a 65% increase in engagement (Simply Measured). Likewise, when powerful visuals are tied with the overarching theme of the exhibit design, the exhibit soars and it takes like of its own. A phenomenal example is Brizo, an exhibit that come alive with the blessings of the Greek goddesses!...Extraordinary concept, exceptional execution!
Traditionally people images have captured our attention best. It’s through these images that we identify with others and with ourselves. They impart emotion. Our ability to relate on an emotional level is what makes us human. For this reason, marketers across a variety of industries from Finance to Healthcare often use Lifestyle imagery to engage viewers. They know that images of a family spending quality time together or those of friends enjoying time outdoors will resonate with consumers more than shots of currency or portraits of medical professionals. The trend of People and Lifestyle will be an ever growing one!

Sensory Stimulation

The increasing amount of time the we spend on-line makes us crave for the senses of the offline. Taste, smell, touch and sound have taken a back seat to the visuals of the virtual world, leaving people to crave more tangible experiences that can’t be replicated online. Experiences that allow us to engage the senses are the new state of the art.

Download the visual look book and explore ways to design your exhibit that excites the 5 senses.

Imperfection in the New Perfection

Mass-produced objects has produced mass-mediocrity. Consumers are craving authenticity. From the lumpy and bumpy vegetables picked from a community garden to the use of real people in fashion spreads, it’s apparent that imperfect is the new perfect. How do you translate this when it comes to designing your exhibit? For starters use hand written font and ink drawings to break the monotony of digital images. Go back to the vintage artistry and incorporate their style of expression. Click on the examples below to see what I mean:


image 1          image 2          image 3  


This is JOMO and Mindful Living in action. Nature serves as the ultimate antidote to the noise, congestion, pollution and traffic associated with city living. Natural and organic elements and ingredients provides an opportunity to bring a sense of calm and back-to-basics. Incorporate the art of zen when designing for your next trade show booth. Keep it simple. Give space--lot of space in the flow of your design. As Da Vinci said, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. And, what is simplicity if I may ask? It "is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”

“Organizations that do nothing but measure the numbers rarely create breakthroughs. Merely better numbers.” [Similar mindset works in the event and the trade show industry.] And, that’s exactly the wrong direction to go. As Seth Godin puts it. "If you get more and more people to come, those people by definition will become more average, less fascinated, less interested, less important. You can probably make the gross numbers go up, but you can’t make the importance of what you are doing go up." What we need is quality. "Quantity can now be bought even cheaper online. The scarce quality of the right people in the right place for the right reason—that is what an event can deliver."

In the end your exhibit design is not the sum of everything that your preoduct does. It is a commanding vehicle to tell your story and amplify the stories of your most valuable asset..your customers.

Sarmistha Tarafder
Co-creator of brands in 3D spaces.
In pursuit of essence and enchantment, mind and mystery, myth and matter!

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