Envoy Phase III. The Ultimate Flexibility in Modular Exhibiting



Envoy Phase III is here!

Envoy is helping Skyline capture market share in the Custom Modular arena. More options are now available to meet current trends and the needs of our savvy customers. Envoy, now with square and angular corners, merchandising accessories and more, provides a truly custom look, with all the benefits of a modular system.

Envoy® offers custom quality design aesthetic, superior versatility, yet is portable and modular. The unique design of this system hides electrical wires which is extremely beneficial for island and peninsula exhibits. The panels can come pre-assembled to allow for savings on installation and dismantle costs. The system can also be ordered as individual parts, allowing it to be broken down for shipping. The panel system is 4” deep, and can appear massive while still being considered light-weight. This is particularly beneficial for customers that desire a custom look, without the heavy weight and high shipping costs that can come with custom exhibits.

Purchase or Rental; Envoy Phase III is all set to provide you with an extraordinary trade show experience.